exhibit @ MACC


@Maui Arts and Cultural Center, Schaefer International Gallery
May 26 - July 21 2013

In a data-heavy society, being defined by the numbers make intangibles tangible. The ocean would be 71 percent [of the Earth's surface]. By examining the intricacy and interdependency of this 71 percent of the world we live in, a sense of the momentary and of timelessness becomes more obvious.

I spent most of my life at sea, my earliest memories are of water.

For over two decades I photographed marine life. I created intimate portraits of fish, sharks, and corals. When I photograph in the ocean now, I often find void and damage instead, footprints where we humans shouldn't have left any. That is why today I photograph empty oceans.

My photographs are not a documentation but an artistic choice to illuminate. By revealing the truth and the extraordinary, I try to create an awareness and inspire reverence.

- Bruna Stude (2013)